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Jerusalem Artichoke Relish


Product Description

If you can’t quite place this native North American vegetable, you may know it instead by a name invented by a California produce wholesaler in the 1960s: the sunchoke. The sun part of this moniker comes from sunflower, because the plant is closely related to the sunflower that provides us seeds for birds and snacks and oil. Jerusalem artichoke blooms look like small sunflowers, and they can grow just as tall.

The Jerusalem part of Jerusalem artichoke came about soon after the plants were first grown in Europe, in the early seventeenth century at the Farnese Garden in Rome. From there they were distributed to the rest of Europe as Girasole articiocco, “sunflower artichoke.” In the diet book that he published in 1620, an English doctor, Tobias Venner, translated Girasole as “Jerusalem”—a good first guess, perhaps, but unfortunately the name stuck. Soon inventive English cooks were making their Jerusalem artichokes into “Palestine soup.”  Linda Ziedrich, A Gardners Table

 Serve as a condiment with pork, beef or chicken. Great addition to a traditional cole slaw or potato salad. For chicken or tuna salad, add ½ cup diced onion and celery, 2 tablespoons mayo and 1/3 jar of artichoke relish to a can of either.

16 oz. jar

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Weight 24 oz
Dimensions 6 x 6 x 6 in
Food for the Southern Soul

Food for the Southern Soul

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Pickled, Chutney, & Relishes